My Grown Up Christmas List

As a college planner and the mother of a high school senior, I see the challenges students and families face regarding college every day.  I have lived through the process of trying to inspire and motivate my daughter to take the steps that will ensure her acceptance to her best- fit college.  At times this has been frustrating for both of us.  We have argued.  Both of us have cried.  We have agreed to disagree on several occasions.  Being the parent of a high school senior during the college application phase is not an enviable position.  It is, perhaps, the most stressful and anxious phase of parenting.

My daughter is fortunate that I know the steps required in creating her successful college plan. Most families are not as fortunate and find themselves drowning in a sea of confusion.  The lack of information and support for parents renders them incapable of helping their children navigate one of the most important and most expensive decisions of their lives.  

I shared with a colleague today that without my knowledge of college planning, I would have made the tragic mistakes many families make regarding college selection.  I would have steered my daughter away from colleges having a high cost of attendance because I would have assumed those schools to be out of my financial reach.  As a result, my daughter would have had fewer choices and would have been forced to attend a school I could afford, rather than the school where she would have received the education I want her to have, where she would have experienced success, and she would have graduated in the shortest time possible, having minimal, if any, student loan debt.  My expertise in college planning prevented me from from making those mistakes.  Today I congratulate my daughter on her acceptance to her best-fit and first choice school.  She has worked hard and deserves my recognition.  While we wait for her award package to become finalized, we have reason to believe that her award will cover most of this single mother’s worries.  I am happy for both of us.

The journey my daughter and I have taken together has been challenging.  Having the knowledge that she will soon land safely where we both want her to be gives me peace of mind and is the best Christmas gift I will receive this year.  I wish all of you that same kind of peace this holiday season. 

If you find yourself stressed out and worried about college, getting the help you need will provide peace of mind and is as simple as contacting College GPS: or pick up the phone and call  me (732) 841-5262.  Wishing you all the peace and joy the holiday season brings and have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016!


Lisa and College GPS