Attending college as an adult and my role as the mother of a high school student, with dreams of attending college herself, have left me with a unique perspective of college planning.  Students need more time devoted to the college selection process and guidance in making career choices. There is also a lack of comprehensive information available families who want to take an active role in guiding their children as they begin their college trajectory.  The identification of these needs became the impetus for College GPS.


There is a better way to prepare for college:

Graduation from Douglass first and Rutgers Business School next!

Graduation from Douglass first and Rutgers Business School next!

College GPS educates families on the financial aid and college admission processes, enabling them to make informed choices.  I aid students in finding their best fit college and work with their families to save money on the cost of college. A simplified, structured approach minimizes stress by addressing the top concerns families have regarding college:

  • What should we be doing to help our student prepare for college?
  • Will we qualify for financial aid?
  • Will our student be accepted at the schools they have chosen?
  • How long will it take to graduate?
  • Can we afford college without depleting our life savings?
  • How can we cover the shortfall?

College GPS has one business: helping your family and your student embark on a successful college journey. We don't file tax returns, but we will help you file your financial aid forms.  We don't earn commissions by moving your assets, but we are experts in college planning strategies that have the potential to increase your financial aid eligibility.  We can also help you design a tax advantage strategy where it's beneficial if you are not a candidate for need based financial aid.  I am a member of NJACAC (New Jersey Association of College Admission Counselors) and a member of a national network of college planners. I am dedicated to helping your family devise a successful college plan. As a mother, I identify with your needs as parents and I understand the significance of your trust.  My work is to help your student achieve the best possible outcome.

College GPS clients take comfort in knowing that have an a specialist who will guide them through all the steps required in college planing and who will identify the cost of candidate colleges before they apply.  They gain peace of mind because all of the guess work is removed and they have an advocate working for them.

If you need help sorting it all out and want to know if your family could benefit from my college planning services, call today.